Specialty Courses

At VCS we believe that learning continues outside the classroom and we are committed to helping to do that. That is why we have extra classes for you to take and some of them are free. Currently we offer  the Conversation Café and Spanish Through Music classes.

The Spanish Café is open to everyone and it provides an opportunity to meet new people and practice in a fun and relaxed environment. Come for a cup of coffee and practice your Spanish. This class is free for those enrolled in any course.

Spanish through music:  This class takes you to different parts of the Spanish world through the sounds of music. The aim of this course is to help you improve pronunciation, intonation and vocabulary and learn about aspects of the Spanish culture like the singers and their backgrounds.

Customized programs.

Are you having a destination wedding?

Are you going away with some friends for a Central American adventure?

We will design a special course for you and your wedding party or friends.